PPH Software

By using a pph software, you get ahead in your business with the benefits and services provided by the sports betting company that supplied you with this wagering platform, correct? Before you answer this question, know what a pph software can do for your online betting business.

Ease and Convenience

Bookmakers experience smooth operations when they implement a pph software to their online betting business. The burdens of conventional betting lessens giving them more time to concentrate in what they ought to be doing, recruitment of new gamblers to their groups. Efficient services and operations makes for better client retention and addition of new ones.

With more punters, a bookie will increase his revenues and earn more money in the process. Placements of bets and winning payouts have simplified processes that are easy on the players. Dashboard menus has designs for convenient navigation for both bookie and his group of gamblers ensuring a pleasant betting experience.

Organized Data Storage

All data received through transactions processed via the pph software are in organized computer folders for easy access upon request of bookmakers. Data management is imperative to the system for quick presentation to customers upon request. Stored information will help betting site owners decide on adjustments especially when a game leans heavily on one side. The information is the basis to balance the financial aspects of the business. The pph software will alert odds masters if this event comes to fruition. The data available could add profits to your venture or lose money if not attended to immediately.

Reports Generated via PPH Software

Summaries spewed out through the pph software are significant basis to lead the online betting business to a profitable position. The betting platform gathers these data and is automatically stored and processed for better viewing. Efficient information provided will result to accurate analysis and courses of action plotted that will be good for business. Reports are accessible at the back office of your pph software. The analysis will allow bookies to make finer decisions when it comes to line adjustments on the offered bets. The action is possible with a pph software embedded in the system.


All transactions and processes are in full automation through the pph software providing smooth data storage and recovery. Bookmakers even have the option to turn over complete administration to the sportsbook company so they can give more attention to recruitment of players to their bookie website. The betting service provider will take control and does the financial statements and operational reports for you. Reports,summaries, and recommended solutions are presented to bookies for immediate action, if necessary. Majority of operations and decision making are in the hands of the pph software provider which is beneficial to the odds masters to work on other important matters of his business.

pph software

Scaleability in Handling of Mass Influx on Wagering Activities

One Hundred bettors on a conventional bookie is too much to handle even with a dozen call center agents on the phone. Besides the burden of accommodating everyone, the betting site cannot assure of the site’s stability using its conventional software and hardware. There will always be the risks of the system crashing or lagging out in the processes. When operation glitches happen, transactions fail and the precarity of losing the business is imminent due to non betting activities.

Punters does not want these sort happening in their leisure time. A bookie website will experience an exodus of players to stabler sportsbooks that could satisfy their needs. A bookie tends to lose his business with systems failure occurrences. The events only show that the betting site has no capacity to accommodate large scale betting and needs a pph software integrated to his website.


A bookmaker with the right pph software can run a one man army betting platform. Bookies can easily manage his only business especially with the backing of a reliable sportsbook software provider. IDSCA is on the of the most reliable betting company whose been around for nearly two decades. We know the ins and outs of this industry and will not allow our bookmakers to lose money in his business. Our management experts will be with you throughout your business activities 24/7. We guide and support you and recommend solutions for your profit and business stability.


Punters and bookmakers using our pph software on their betting site have the assurance of a secured wagering platform. Your deposits are safe with us and is withdrawable anytime. We pay on time after your choice of wager is officially the winner .

Your financial information is kept in strict confidence and we value the privacy that is very important to our customers. Security is our priority at IDSCA. We have multi-layered firewalls that fight off would be data thefts and hackers that try to breach our protective walls of defense. You can sleep well knowing that your data is safe and secured.


IDSCA is abreast with the recent advances in technology. The upgraded software and hardware makes us a landing page of new bookies and online gamblers. The automated software is convenient to odds masters and gamblers availing of the pph software and services of the site. Our services can accommodate more influx of data than the maximum volume of information passing through the pph software. Our system is assured of backup storage in case of a breach in the system, which is rare in today’s security parameters.

We invest in the best so we can deliver better services to our customers. Our company provides amenities like the live betting feature and mobile devices accommodation so you can place your bets anytime and anywhere you may be with a stable internet connection.

Saves Time and Money

Bookmakers immediately experience a decrease in overhead costs after the integration of a pph software into his system; it is too expensive to work with an offshore sportsbook company due to the costs and maintenance of their services. Time is of the essence in this business. It only takes a few minutes to put up your betting company with the least expense. Once you are signed in, we immediately go to work and prepare your online betting site in no time. Bookmakers will only have to pay a weekly tariff for every gambler that use the pph software.

A bookie will be charged with a weekly flat rate for each member of your group availing of the services within the fiscal week.. Payments tallied every Friday are the only expenses you’ll incur when your players use the pph software.