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Current sign ups we are priced at $2 per head. The lowest price guaranteed.
This promo expires exactly the day when any of the 6 major professional sports comes back!

$5 per head include: Free Casino – Free Live Casino – Free Poker – Free Phone Wagering – Free Live Betting


PPHPoker.com offers the most advanced “Pay Per Head” services with FREE POKER, LIVE CASINO, LOTTERY, PROPS, FAST LINES, SECURE CONNECTIONS and TOTAL PRIVACY. All at $5 per player!

  • Highly experienced and dedicated staff.
  • Robust wagering menus.
  • Define Your Customer’s Betting Limits. View Detailed Reports In Real Time.
  • Take Advantage Of Our Advanced Technological Platforms And Experience.
  • Pay A Fixed Weekly Fee Per Active Players Only.
  • Book Horse Racing And All World Sports Including Soccer, Boxing, Golf, Racing, And More!

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Knowledgeable Staff

At 7pph.com our customer service is handled by knowledgeable staff who have taken action before and know.

Bookie Software

Our software is easy to use, customizable (agent & player), and is the same used by big firms. We have all the tools and work with the best software & feeds provider.

Live Betting Offering

Live betting around the clock for all major and no major sports. We offer 2 different live betting solutions.

Sharp Monitoring

As a pay per head agent, you need a sportsbook solution that will give you the knowledge and warning signs. We offer lines manager sharp check, free live steams & injuries reports, bet email notifications, bet tickers, max money lines and tight casino profiles.

Lines and Change

Choose, grab and offer the SAME lines from your favorite book (limited list). Or let our specialized lines team monitored/move your lines 24/7 with our master line profile. Your choice!

Multiple Casinos

Our $5 per head package include unlimited action in both casinos: Digital & Live Casino. Every hand is recorded and accessible for the agent to review and monitored these great features. NO EXTRA charge.

Lines Control

As an agent, you control your lines from the agent master account. You can move/ move & follow or hide any line, league or entire sport. If you call our call center, we can also move your lines instantly! Just let us know what you need!

More Payment Methods

Our preferred method is Bitcoin but if that is not your choice then we can offer, Person to Person Transfers, Visa or MasterCard or Checks. For bigger and older clients, we can offer specialized solutions.

Agent Private Live Chat

For our agents, we have included a private and accessible live chat to contact us internally from their agent accounts to handle any request need. Off course you can also call us anytime or email us

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